Friday, October 16, 2009

Finishing up the rest of ChiangMai

Just to finish up the pics of ChiangMai....
This is Dean's impression of a Zebra...I think. It's a fun camera game. Get the camera ready...tell someone that you are going to call out an animal name and they must act it the same that you call out the animal name...snap a picture.
Chiang Mai by day...
and by night...
A really old wall which used to surround the city with a moat around the city has grown past the walls of the old Chiang Mai.
I'm not really as pink as I look...
A shadow :)
Dean and I decided to be adventurous... well adventurous for us anyway.
We heard about this temple with 300 stairs and thought it might be fun to climb up it. These pics are of the largest number of the steps....went up a few and then stopped to take a few awe of the massive staircase ahead...

Giant Dragon and I just chillin.

I guess this is part of the temple being repaired.
Once we got into the temple we decided to take some pics inside. Dean was wearing shorts and figured that he probably shouldn't go inside of the temple because of the rules (even though I saw tonnes of tourists going in with shorts on).

Everything was gold. Gold statues, buildings, wall art....everything :) It was really amazing to see its too bad the pics don't do it justice.

I suppose you are wondering what the heck this is right? I wondered the same thing. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was coins stuck on a board/stone/something. I think they use melted wax, dip a coin in it and stick it to the thingy....maybe its like a good luck thing or something....not too sure.

These guys were hard at work scraping old melted wax off one of the candle offering thingys....(I have great explanations right?)
And then I became hot...llike really my hanky was not enough to wipe off all the sweat hot...

All done and my cheeks are still shiny.

View from the temple down into ChiangMai.

And the walk down...

Met up with my friend Lez from Korea (she was doing a SE Asia stint before moving back to the US.) Miss her but it was awesome to see her there :)

Stay tuned for more....sorry that everything is from a long time ago...but nothing interesting is happening with my life right now.

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