Friday, October 23, 2009

The Tiger Kingdom!!

So, as the title suggests we also went to the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. Well, I went...and dragged dean along with me :) I got to see and hang out with adult tigers and 4 month old baby tigers. For the baby tigers, we paid someone to snap a crapload of pics....I picked the best ones.

This is me behind the bars...eeek!!
Puuurrr big kitty :)
Just another day....chillin with I do it all the time ;)

How to piss of a tiger? They have a really good sense of smell....stick a flower near its nose when its trying to have its afternoon nap.

The results of a little play between tigers....doesn't look like fun to me....but hey

Tiger paw V.S. my hand.......although the tiger's paw is a little more dirty than mine...I have a thumb ;)
And now come the babies :)

They didn't want to do this...I kinda feel bad for the lil guys....they get pulled around all day by tourists and their trainers...poor lil guys.

Posed? Ofcourse...noooo the baby tigers are mauling me ?
When we were about to walk out of the tiger cages I decided to take a quick look at the two oldest tigers....while walking over there we caught a glimpse of some really really young baby cubs....I think they were about a month old or something....maybe less....still drinking out of a bottle and super duper cute!

That's the end of the tiger kingdom adventures :) Next post will be about Cambodia!!!


Why am I here??? said...

I love these pics Annie ;) You look so happy!

James said...

Soooo jealous.... were you nervous at all being so close to them?

Caitlin said...

hey! I saw your comment on Lipsticks and Lightsabers asking about what sorts of items you should get from TKB.

I would recommend getting the TKB base and the Pop! Micas first to start off making your own colors :)

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone know if anne marie still updates her Blog...miss reading her stories!


roy-an alyza arrabaca said...

gosh! im jealous.. >.<